Palaeoloxodon: Little and Large

“Look, Look! It’s a Straight Tusked Elephant! No one at home will believe this!” I may have adapted that quote from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, but I like to think that Samwise Gamgee’s quote about the gargantuan Oliphant’s (or Mûmakil as they were also known) could apply to what members of…

Paleo Safaris: The Late Devonian Sea

Ohio, USA, 370 million years ago Dawn rises over a sea 370 million years ago. This is the Devonian period, and what will become the American States of Ohio and New York are submerged beneath salty waves. There are no birds in the sky, and no whales, dolphins or seals cruising the waters. There are…

“A Diplodocus? Dippy the Diplodocus!”

From February 2018 to October 2021, a giant dinosaur has been travelling the UK. It’s had a long journey! Starting in Dorset, its migrated to Birmingham, then across the Irish sea to Belfast, back across to Glasgow, then south to Newcastle-upon Tyne, on to Cardiff, then to Rochdale and finally to Norwich. After a bit…

Titanis: North America’s resident Terror Bird

🎶”Titanis, The Teerror Biird“🎶 Listening to the song “Titanis the Terror Bird” by Howdytoons makes me imagine Titanis as an action movie hero, adventuring into strange new lands and encountering new fierce mammalian adversaries. But what do we know about “Titanis the Terror Bird?” Before we get into the details, it is necessary to set…

Pierolapithecus: The Catalonian Ape

In terms of Mammalian evolution, the great apes (or “Hominidae”) are a recent development. They first appeared around 13-15 million years ago in the Miocene period and would go on to diversify into a variety of different species. Among these are, of course, the various species of human, including the only surviving one, our own…

Would a Velociraptor make a good pet?

If you have no idea what a Velociraptor is, or only know of them from pop culture, then let’s start this blog article off with a bit of creature building. Take a medium to large sized Eagle (like a Golden Eagle for example). Eagles are a good place to start to build as they are…

Xiphactinus: The Beautiful Bull of the Sea

The large (but masked and socially distanced) crowd bubbled with excitement as the artist they had come to see readied himself for the presentation of his masterpiece. Behind him is a large rectangular box covered by a brown sheet. His nervous hands sending flutters through the sheet he is holding, he readies himself for the…

Paleo Safaris: Ice Age Australia

Queensland, Australia, 50,000 years ago The last Ice Age is usually associated with cold, frozen landscapes with Mammoths, Sabre Toothed Cats, Woolly Rhinos and Ground Sloths dominating the landscape. However in some places on earth these conditions and animals weren’t present at all. For an example of this look no further than Australia. Instead of…

The Woolly Mammoth: The great wonder of the Ice Age

“Alright, so what’s the next animal decided by the voters?” [See’s that it’s the Woolly Mammoth]. “…..oh boy”. Woolly Mammoths are HUGE. Not just in size but also with regards to public interest and our knowledge of these mammals. There are dozens upon dozens of scientific papers, journal articles, blog articles, TV documentaries and YouTube…

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