Palaeontology Papers

Behind every prehistoric lifeform, there is a scientific paper about it! From this page you have access to fascinating scientific papers, written by experts in the field, about or related to all the animals I have written about for this blog.

More papers will be added as I write my blogs!


Bobe et. al. 2020: a paper describing the ecology of Australopithecus anamensis. This paper also includes details on the animals that it shared its environment with (e.g. Enhydriodon).



Yang et. al. 2019: Structure of Pterosaur Pycnofibres

Kosintsev et. al. 2019: the evolutionary history and revised extinction date of Elasmotherium

Welker et. al. 2019: Gigantopithecus ancestry

Politis et. al. 2019: A study, published in Sciences Advances, on the discovery of Megatherium remains that show evidence of Human Hunting

Paul 2019: A study conducted by Gregory Paul that rexamined the bones of the largest sauropod dinosaurs

Voss et. al. 2019 paper describing the preserved stomach contents of a Basilosaurus isis fossil


Briggs et. al. 2018: Paper describing the ecosystem of the Winneshiek lagerstatten

Hansford et. al. 2018: a study on Elephant Bird bones with human made cut marks dating from as far back as 10,500 years ago

Torres & Clarke 2018: a study of the braincases of Elephant Birds and what it tells us about their noctournalism

Hansford & Turney 2018: a study on the diversity of the Elephant Bird (Aepyornithae) family, showing that the largest Aepyornis were actually a different species of Elephant Bird: Vorombe Titan


Naish & Witton 2017: Analysis of Neck Biomechanics of Hatzegopteryx

Bocherens et. al. 2017: How Gigantopithecus’ size may have contributed to its extinction

Bocherens et. al. 2017: Reconstructing the diet of Megatherium from analysis of collagen in the fossils


Jiangzuo et. al. 2016: Description of Amphicyon zhanxiangi

Button, Barrett & Rayfield 2016: study comparing the jaws of Plateosaurus with the Late Jurassic sauropod Camarasaurus

Sanchez et. al. 2016: a study that details the growth and life history of Acanthostega


Xu et. al. 2015: A study describing the first fossils, and lifestyle, of Yi qi

DePalma et. al. 2015: Description of fossils of the large Raptor Dakotaraptor, found in Hell Creek

Lamsdell et. al. 2015: Paper describing Pentecopterus; the oldest Sea Scorpion yet known

Porro, Rayfield & Clack 2015: a study that used a 3D reconstruction of an Acanthostega skull to describe its feeding habits


Hofmann & Sander 2014: A study of juvenile Plateosaurus fossils and what they can tell us about their developmental plasticity

Rauhut et. al. 2014: on the feather filaments in the Megalosaur Sciurumimus

Ibrahim et. al. 2014: Description of new fossils of Spinosaurus, including the theory that it was four-legged and mostly aquatic

Vinther et. al. 2014: on the filter feeding anomalocarid Tamisiocaris borealis

Lee et. al. 2014: Deinocheirus paper

Lindgren et. al. 2014: studying melanosomes from a mosasaur, an ichthyosaur and a turtle, and what it tells us about their colouration

Neenan et. al. 2014: a study on the feeding bio-mechanics of Acanthostega


Lindgren et. al. 2013: Mosasaur Tail Flukes


Xu et. al. 2012: Description of 3 complete skeletons of Yutyrannus, including the description of its feathers

Fahlke 2012: A paper that further examined the bite marks found on Dorudon skulls (first described in Uhen 2004), showing that they match the teeth of Basilosaurus


Geraards et. al. 2011: a paper describing fossils of Enhydriodon dikakae found in Dikika, Ethiopia

Amiot et. al. 2011: Using oxygen isotopes in fossil reptiles to determine the climate of Early Cretaceous East Asia


Benton et. al. 2010: Island Dwarfism in the dinosaurs of Haţeg Island

Mallison 2010: paper accessing range of motion of Plateosaurus limbs, neck, vertebrae and tail

Farlow, Hayashi & Tattersall 2010: A paper comparing the temperature regulation of Stegosaurus plates with the osteoderms on an Alligator



Martino & Greb 2009: Description of Arthropleura tracks found in Kentucky, United States

Spaulding, O’Leary & Gatesy 2009: Revising the family tree of the artiodactyls, including where the Entelodontidae place


Carbone et. al. 2008: Study on modern predators to investigate the theory of pack hunting behaviour in Smilodon


Gunga et. al. 2007: paper estimating body mass and volume in Plateosaurus


Antunes, Balbino & Ginsberg 2006: Study on Iberotherium lower jaw showing bite marks made by Amphicyon

Sorkin 2006: Investigating diet and hunting behaviour of Amphicyon and Ischyrocyon


Carpenter et. al. 2005: A paper describing the predator-prey relationship between Allosaurus and Stegosaurus

Christiansen & Harris 2005: A paper estimating body sizes of three Smilodon species


Uhen 2004: the paper that first described the bite marks on Dorudon skulls and suggested that they might be due to Basilosaurus predation


Clack 2002: A study about the skull roof of Acanthostega

Fariña 2002: A study that hypothesised that the largest Giant Ground Sloths, such as Megatherium, were mostly hairless


Clack & Neininger 2000: a study about the Celsius Bjerg Group, a rock sequence that Acanthostega fossils have been found in



Billet et. al. 1997: Analysis of the inner ear anatomy of Megatherium and what it tells us about its body mass and agility


Bonaparte & Coria 1993: The paper that first described Argentinosaurus


Pearson 1992: Description of Arthropleura tracks from Fife, Scotland


Joeckel 1990: Entelodont paleoecology and jaw function